Story Telling Seminars

STORYING SEMINARS GROUP PRACTICEChurch planters are very excited about the storying method of sharing the Good News with oral learners. They share a story with non-literate people and then discuss it. Eventually small groups hear the story and teach it to other groups, and then to the community. This results in a spontaneous expansion of God’s truth in the field.

Towards Healthy Reproducing Santhal Churches

We held a Storying seminar among the Santhals, the third largest tribe in India with a population of 80 million. They are of very poor economic status. Participant Rev. Henry said this about it:

“We tried several methods to train the local church leaders – from residential colleges to distance learning courses, but nothing has given expected results. To be frank, we were frustrated. With this frustrated feeling, I attended the seminar by CGAI. The session on “Book Culture Vs Oral Culture” removed the scales from our eyes and we understood the root of the problem. We have been using the book culture teaching methods with the oral learners. The practical session of teaching non-literates a narrative and having the group compose a song or drama on that incident, which they did in 15 minutes, showed us the power of Oral culture methods.”

A local harvester had this response, “Our focus was only on sharing with people. But at this seminar we understood the full impact of the Great Commission and the importance of Making Disciples. If we implement this method to teach the Word, we can build strong Santhal congregations and expand the ministry also.”

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