Stories of those Touched by Gaza Relief Ministry

ISSG-Visiting ministryAhmed, a young Muslim who shows us around to poor families in his village, always listens as we encourage people and tell Bible stories and verses. On one such trip, Ahmed took a courageous step by saying he wanted to know more about our God — the God of Christians. He saw a New Testament in the car and asked if he could have one. We gladly gave it to him and encouraged him to read about Jesus’ teaching and salvation. He said he will hide it from his family so they don’t cause him trouble. A member of the relief team is following up with him.

We help a Christian family of five who lives in Gaza. The father is crippled and cannot work so they depend on humanitarian aid. The family trusts the Lord to provide for their daily needs and receives His gifts with great joy. Their faith has been growing as the follow-up team shares the Word of God with them. The father says: “We only have God to stand on our side and meet our needs.” Many families in Gaza live in distressing situations and we seek to share Christ’s love and compassion with them. This wouldn’t be possible without your support and prayers. The relief project is a high priority for our ministry as the economic and political situation is deteriorating in this part of the world.



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