Still in Prison

One year after his arrest and Pastor Kato is still in prison. He and a few others were falsely accused of inciting a mob in a Ugandan refugee camp that killed a woman who claimed to be a prophet and used witchcraft.


We just found out that a legal hearing scheduled for this month has been postponed. Please keep this persecuted pastor and his family in your prayers.


Interested in doing more? You can help support and care for persecuted believers like Pastor Kato.


9 Responses to “Still in Prison”

  1. Pastor Davies chibwe

    Prayer is a great weapon for us believes let continue praying for him and the family.

  2. Francis

    Please receive our encouraggement.
    We want to be part of you

  3. Franklin Kyle

    Our prayer are certainly with Pastor Kato and his family.

  4. Tito Oturo

    Thank you so much for praying for these servants of God. In fact they tried to rescue the life of this lady but the authorities in the settlement left the work of the police to be taken by pastors which has never happened in any country on earth. The settlement authority has failed in their work and decided to cover up by arresting the pastors. They changed the story. How can the pastors who invited the preacher turned against her? One of the pastors who was stoned and hurt together with the lady was in the prison. They were persecuted for Christ. Let us continue pray for them.

    These servants are serving Christ in the prison. Many are coming to the saving knowledge of Christ daily. As much as they missed their families, God is using them tremendously. Let us pray for their families.

  5. Edmond Kalungi

    For sure God is in control. He is working for our good and all things are working to fulfill His purpose. In the Bible Joseph was in prison but God’s favour was upon his life. I trust God is strengthening and encouraging Pastor and will make him come out victorious and refined. Pastor Kato is not the looser here, the devil is the looser. Pastor Kato is more than a conqueror here. The devil has lost it already by the fact that Ps Kato is preaching the gospel in prison. And will loose again case in the courts of law.
    May God supply all the needs of Pastor Kato and family according to His riches in glory. God’s blessing on those standing with the man of God.

  6. Emma muwangala

    May the Lord our God whom you serve glorify his name thru this testing moment.

  7. Mike Nguni

    It is well with pastor Kato, the is on his side .

  8. Mike Nguni

    May the Lord show his face upon you pastor Kato, the more they suppress you, the more you are increasing in your anointing. Exo 1:22

  9. Pastor Tonny Ocaya

    Am from Ugandan and would like to know where pastor Kato is being prisoned so that I can visit but we must pray like when Peter was put in jail and the believers prayed not until he was released out amen


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