Starting over

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It is never easy to start over. To leave behind a life you have always known. Yet, Kavita* and Sameer* are doing just that.

25-year-old Kavita is a commercial sex worker. 22-year-old Sameer is a farmer from one of the villages in India. Sameer regularly visited Kavita in one of the cities brothel’s as a customer and eventually fell in love with her. During one of Oasis India’s outreach programs in the brothel, the staff met Kavita. After much counseling and encouragement, Kavita is now willing to leave the trade. However, her struggle is that she has to clear a debt of Rs. 21,000. Through your support, Oasis India is equipping her with the skills needed to find a job so that she can leave the red-light area. Kavita is a very courageous girl. If she gets proper training and skills, she will do something good with her life.

Meanwhile, Sameer has moved to a new city. Oasis India staff helped him find employment as a housekeeper there.

Thanks for your support and prayers in this delicate situation. We are seeing change and are believing God for a complete transformation in these two lives.

Names* have been changed for security reasons. 


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