Spreading the Good News through Teaching Photography


Spreading the Good News through Teaching PhotographySeeing the large amount of young migrant workers struggling in his city, X* was inspired by God one day to start a photography class for them to start as a hobby. He is a passionate Christian and self-learned photographer, and he felt burdened to show and share God’s love through this class.

After two years of effort, the photography class became a photographer group. Once a week, the young migrant workers got together to learn and grow in community. Most classes like this only teach technical skills, but X’s* experience of working with young migrant workers made him realize that he needed to teach the heart skills as well, which are love, tolerance and appreciation of beauty of God’s creation. Through this learning process, the Good News was spread naturally among the students.

One of the young attendees of the class, J*, was not a believer, but his grandmother was. After attending the class for awhile, he became more and more interested in X’s* faith. Eventually, J* attended a Sunday worship service with X*, and, a few months ago, he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. In the group now, there are two others interested that have not yet taken this step.Spreading the Good News through Teaching Photography

What X* is experimenting with is a new initiative in China. There are 287 million migrant workers in the country, and the new generation migrant workers, who were born in and after the 1980s, are over half of the total number. They are struggling with many aspects of urban life in China – poor education, low income from manual labor jobs, indifferent urban relationships, values conflicts, etc. X* has developed a holistic way to reach and love them, and teach a fun skill in the process. His interest/skill class can actually empower them, and connect them with a community. In these relationships, they experience love and discipleship that they may never have found otherwise.

The included photos are samples of their work.

Please pray that:

  • A systematic curriculum will be developed soon, integrated with the Good News and the professional skills/good works. A small cross-location committee has been formed to work on it. They need His wisdom and coordination. This curriculum will help with the photography class and worker training.
  • X* continues trying new techniques with this group. Pray that the Lord’s wisdom would guide him in this process, and in his personal growth in knowledge and skills.
  • The Lord would prepare more of the young generation migrant workers’ hearts, and that more workers would be trained to work among them.

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