Spreading the Gospel through Community Service

Spreading the Gospel through Community Service“It was very obvious that knocking on doors and distributing tracks is not working anymore. Less and less people want to listen to the Good News.”

The leader of the Cloud Fellowship and his co-workers all feel heartache, as they are noticing that the growth of the church has come to a bottleneck. A few years ago, their ministry was introduced the holistic approach (a training that combined Community Health Education and Disciple Training) to live out of love with action through community service. It was difficult for most of the workers to apply the training to their own context. This team is really effective at basic Gospel training, but, like most of Chinese churches, they are weak in loving actions.Spreading the Gospel through Community Service

After years of encouragement and training, the Cloud Fellowship finally made a move. One of their fourteen districts sent a team to visit a year-old community service team in the same province, which had been ministering to a very poor family in one of the villages. They fixed their roof, did their laundry, cleaned their house, and a variety of other small tasks.

Being directly involved in serving and meeting the practical needs of their neighbors inspired Cloud’s workers a lot. They saw that this was a very practical way to share Gospel with those that might otherwise not be interested in listening. They went back home and started a ministry doing the same thing. Their first project was helping a handicapped person with fix their window, do their laundry, and clean their home.

The pictures show how it looked before and after the service.

Please pray that the Cloud Fellowship will continue to grow in serving their community, so that they will be more effective at sharing the Gospel. Pray that they would come up with even more creative ways to do so.

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