Spreading God’s Love on Valentine’s Day

Please keep this young girl we have been ministering to in your prayers. Her father died, and shortly after this her mom and other family members abandoned her. She has special needs and is in a wheelchair, and has been taken in by a family who also has a child with special needs. Her wheelchair is old and in disrepair, so we are funding a new wheelchair for her by taking advantage of this month, during which friendship and love is celebrated.

While Valentine’s Day can be a superficial and commercial event, we decided to take advantage of the fact that love was on everyone’s mind to share God’s meaning of love: God is love, He loves us and He wants us to love each other.

At our Connect Cafe, we displayed verses about love on tables and around the cafe, and we also gave out small cards with verses on them with each receipt. The casual setting of the Connect Cafe is great for starting conversations with people about what they read. We pray that all those who came to enjoy a Valentine’s meal left with a new view of the meaning of love.

As usual, the display on our office window in Jerusalem was a big hit. The Valentine’s display was a great opportunity to share God’s love with Muslims, as it is not always possible to share with them directly. Hundreds pass by our windows daily, and many stop to read the displays. The reactions to the display have been very positive, and we pray that people will take the message to heart.




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