Sponsor Child Ministering to Others

The following is a testimony from a young man who was in our Sponsor A Child (SAC) program and is now in his 4thsemester of theological studies in Indonesia. In his spare time, he goes with church planters to share the Gospel. He tells of a recent experience he had.

INOI stock photoI am thankful for the opportunity to study. I know that God has given me the strength to do what I need to do in school. My faith and my understanding of the Bible has grown, and God is molding me to be more like Christ.

During my stay in the hostel, I meet all kinds of people with different personalities; this gives me the opportunity to learn how to get along with them and adapt. At the beginning of the semester I had the chance to be the class coordinator; now it’s my friend’s turn. I don’t have school on the weekends. I usually fill that time by going into the field with the Sundanese Christian Fellowship (SCF) Team.

On Saturday early morning I departed from the hostel for the SCF service location. A church planter and I went to Sanjaya’s* place to share the Gospel with him. In this encounter, we faced many challenges. This man rejected the Good News… He thought we would Christianize him. But this did not dampen our enthusiasm to continue to teach the Good News.

We walked down in the city streets and crowded places like markets, city parks, etc. seeking people to share with. That afternoon we walked near the market where I met a middle-aged man, about 40 years old. He was sitting on the side of the road holding a white sack. I approached him and started a conversation. His name is Dumadi* and he’s a scavenger. He told us about his family. He has a wife and child, but his family does not admit it and rejects him. He does not have a house or a place to live. His daily life is only looking for used goods and plastic bottles to collect and sell.

I took this opportunity to tell him about Jesus Christ. Right away he was convicted of his sins and was open to receiving the Good News His heart immediately believed even though this was the first time he heard the Good News. I think that God intervened in touching his heart. He asked us to pray for him.  After we saw how open and trusting he was, I suggested he be baptized, and he agreed to it.

Praise God I am delighted that He wants to be baptized. This was my first experience sharing the Gospel, and the receiver wanted to believe and be baptized immediately!  A week later I went to visit him and see how he was doing. I could already see a noticeable change in him. Praise God! He complained that he had low blood pressure and his head felt dizzy, but after we prayed for him, he said, “I was no longer dizzy, and I could move and work again.” I am thrilled God heard our prayers and revealed His miracles to Dumadi. My longing is that I can disciple Dumadi so that he can evangelize others and disciple them too. I am also happy Dumadi not only believes in Jesus Christ but also agreed to be baptized.

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