Sponsor a Child: H and Y

General Ministry Fund - Cahaya Suku, IndonesiaTheir father was a shaman who attempted to heal people with black magic before he came to Christ. We believe that H and Y were affected by their father’s job. They didn’t have any desire to go to school, and their parents didn’t urge them to get an education.

After their father become a follower of Christ and was baptized last year, they began to have a plan for their children. Our church planters gave them advice about their children. After agreement from their father, both children were accepted into our program.

Now H and Y want to go to school. The children know also that this support comes from the people that love Jesus. They told us, “God listened our prayers.” Now our church planter’s wife teaches them for an hour each week. Their father has also committed to studying the Bible together weekly.

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