Children on an outing in the mountains

We have 96 students in our school and seven are orphans that we are helping. Many of them have endured much suffering. Our regions have so many poor students whose parents are not able to pay for their education. They do not have any idea that their children need medicines and they believe that either sickness comes from the devil or that Buddha is not happy with them.

Most students need medical help, clothes, tuition fees, etc. Five students withdrew from school because they could not pay their fees. Finally we asked the parents to send their children back assuring them discounts on their fees to half the cost. Besides lack of money, another hindrance to children’s schooling is their nomadic parents, who usually go after the yaks and take the whole family because yaks are their main income.

We also have been praying to have a hostel where we can keep orphans and poor children. We built up a temporary shelter where we can keep at least 25 children, but due to finance limitations, we can only keep three children in the hostel at this time. Even though we cannot meet all the needs, by God’s grace and your help, we are able to give them an education. The 20 Tibetan children in our SAC program are most thankful to you who are supporting their schooling.

We see plenty of poor children wasting their lives without the benefit of an education. No one is there for them, but our goal is to care for and equip them for their better future. We ask God to provide supporters for students who are still on the waiting list.

Asish is a nursery student and lives with his sister. He is very grateful for his education and is very happy. At his young age, he sees how education is opening up a whole new world to him, one he would never have known without a sponsor. So, along with Asish, we say a big thank you for your prayer and financial support.

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