Spiritual Warfare in Cordyceps Season

East AsiaEvery year in May is cordyceps month on the Tibetan Plateau. This rare parasitic fungi is considered super notorious for improving human immunity. The price is unbelievably high. You can pay 10,000 US dollars for 1 kilograms medium size cordyceps.

The cordyceps season is about 20 days. During this time, all the Tibetan family members work together to find as much cordyceps as possible on the mountains. The money a family makes from selling cordyceps accounts for two thirds of the yearly income. Therefore, digging cordyceps is a big thing and activity for all Tibetans. Almost all the children stop going to school to help their parents.

This year in May, some workers from the ministry went to the mountains to visit Tibetan people they know. They met a Tibetan senior women. She had a headache for a long time. The workers prayed for her. She felt much better immediately after the prayer. But the second day, her daughter came to the workers and said, “Mother had a dream last night. In the dream, our local living Buddha was angry. He slapped my mother’s face!”

To the workers, this was an obvious spiritual warfare. So they explained to the girl that, “The true God loves you very much. He does want to set your spirit and body free.” Then they told her a story in the Book of Mark, encouraging her family to cry out to God for heavenly peace for both spirit and body.

Tibetan people are so drenched in Tibetan Buddhism. The habits, social interaction, family life, culture activities are all about their faith in Buddha. Living Buddha is the most respectable person and spiritual authority. On their journey of finding the true peace, they have a lot of spiritual battles to fight in every aspect of life. And every battle is real and difficult.

East Asia

Please pray that:

  • Through all the experience, God will meet the Tibetans and show the truth to them.
  • A lot of Tibetans have headaches. May they be healed through the power of the Creator of the universe.

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