Sowing Seeds of Good News

Social media plays a crucial part and is a great open door to many seeking the Lord Jesus and enabling believers to continue their growth in the Lord. Praise the Lord, our teams resumed production of short programs through YouTube, Facebook and television. May God glorify His name and use His powerful Words that go out for the salvation of the lost and accomplish His plans and purposes. We’ve heard from many people outside our region that are open to the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ and have received the Gospel through the internet.

Because of COVID-19, the economic situation in our country continues to affect especially the poor. We have distributed around 500 food packages so far, with another 50 packages going out this week. And to our great joy, many of them also were happy to receive Bibles from us.

Praise the Lord, classes in our discipleship and training school have resumed. Due to the pandemic and the restrictions, we are having just two small classes, focusing on students who have keen hearts to know, love, and serve God in His mission fields in the coming months.

One of our brothers has been able to sow seeds of the Good News around the region. One of the three people that he talked to and followed up with is a believer now! We praise the Lord for His protection and grace for our brother’s family and liberty to preach the Word.

Two of our brothers have finished their year-long training. They shall be going to a nearby country in the next few months. Both of them are very encouraged and becoming more confident as they experience more of God. They are evangelizing people they meet and using new evangelistic strategies. They also pray for people they meet on the streets and have seen the power of God at work. A man with a cyst in his knee got healed and he became open to the Good News of the Lord Jesus. Praise God!

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness in supplying funds to pay for our safe house and refuge center for those persecuted for their faith. Other ministries are using part of the house now for social media recordings and other programs.

Thank and praise our wonderful Lord for His amazing love, goodness, faithfulness, grace, strength, blessings, and protection. May He be our vision day by day, Amen. Thank God and thank you very much for your love, prayer and financial support, and partnership! We appreciate each one of you. God bless you all.

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