Soldiering on in the Midst of Terror

By a Mchungaji Kundi Moja team member

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October 2017 was a dramatic month for the missionaries (church planters) serving in Mozambique among the “M” people group. Early in the month, at once Al-shabaab terrorists struck hard at three neighboring villages killing the men and kidnapping the women and children. One of the women who escaped through the bushes after being kidnapped spoke amidst tears,

“They slaughtered my husband right in front of my eyes and took me together with other women to the bushes. We were forced to marry militants who abused us over and over again. At the slightest chance to run, I took off not minding a probable bullet that would come after me if someone spotted me. I was as good as dead.”


The attacks grew worse towards Christmas and we got concerned for our worker and his family. Our natural reaction was to try evacuating them from the field. However, the church planter’s wife had had a vision from Jesus where He vividly told her not to fear for He was taking care of her family. You can already guess her response to our rescue plan. She stayed put and, in fact, transported her children from their school in Kenya to Mozambique to be with her. Let me just say, they had one of the most wonderful Christmases ever with some of the survivors from the attack. Above all, they had an opportunity to share the comforting love of Christ with some locals. Interesting conversations continue on.


This January, amidst the insecurity, the missionary couple launched a training for the next batch of five trainee missionaries. The training went on smoothly for a few weeks. However, they had to close down the training for some time after the Al-shabaab struck again, this time close to the village where the couple lives.


The Mozambique government is working hard to deal with the problem. The military has staged an attack that might stop the terrorist group from operating. Due to this, the Mozambique government became sensitive of any visitor from outside the district and did not want any group of people who are not locals to stay together in one place. Because of this, we were advised by our ministry leaders to halt our training for now.


Many villagers have moved to the village where the missionaries reside. People have been unable to work their farms; thus, there’s a looming threat of food shortage. Pray with us as we seek God’s direction on how we can offer help.


We thank God who gave us the grace to stay on even in the face of danger. During the pandemonium many people, Christians included, fled the area but have since returned. Recently a fellow believer from the church asked one of the missionaries why she stayed put in the face of danger. The missionary replied that God had prepared her beforehand that something was going to happen and had assured her that He had given her victory.


Thank you for standing with us in prayer that the situation will improve.


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