Small Deeds Add Up to Big Changes

The Locals are Warming up to the Non-locals

Our ministry has four full-term missionaries and two interns who were with us from September 2018 through the end of December. Since Mchungaji Kundi Moja started working here we have seen a lot of development and positive change in the lives of the people in this area. One important change we have witnessed is how people treat Christians. Before people in the community would not associate with the non-locals. They considered us to be unclean and infidel, but over time, as we continued serving and living among them, their attitudes have shifted. Now most of them welcome and embrace Christians, doing business with us and associating with us in various ways.

Teaching Children

In one village, one of our missionaries reported having seen significant change both in the life of the children in the school and the villagers at large. He has been using the book of Proverbs to teach moral lessons to the children. He has also shown them love and taught them how to care for the vulnerable with his actions. One of the encounters he had that showed care and love was with a disabled child. The child’s parents had forsaken him and wouldn’t take the child to school. Every day in the morning the child would crawl to the road where the missionary would pass each morning. The child would beg the missionary to take them to school, the missionary did for several months. The child is in school and doing very well.

In another village, one of our missionaries is an early childhood teacher. She has had the opportunity to pour into her students as well as their mothers. This has given her an opportunity to share the love of Christ with families. From this, she has witnessed a lot of positive changes in the community. As she teaches, she shares God’s kingdom values, which encourages the villagers to change their mindsets and it’s contributing to the change we are experiencing in this area.

Every Saturday we have volleyball games in the town we are based in. A team of Christians from the church plays with a team of Muslims. This has created a level of trust between the two groups, we can see it breaking down barriers between them. The pastor prays before and after each game.

KESM Women CultivatingHelping Women

In the town we are based in, we are helping women who are struggling to provide for their family. We are supporting these women through small-scale farming to make sure they have food on their table for their families. So far, we have supported two groups of women, they have vegetable farms that allow them to sell their produce in town to get income. Many of them are illiterate and living in polygamous families. The small-scale farms allow the women some independents.

Saving Young Girls

We found out that many young girls are coming to our town from surrounding area seeking employment as maids in the Muslims houses. Unfortunately, in most cases it is not a good situation for the girls, some are molested and not given chance to go to church on Sundays. Some of them are forced to convert to Islam. When we learned about this, we put together a team from the church to reach out to them and teach them how to relate to the Muslims and also to fight for their right to worship. Our team was able to rescue many of the girls and they have been coming to church. The girls have been trained to represent Christ in those houses they work in and the results of this is encouraging.

Men Opening up

Another missionary meets with a group of men his age and they do life together. They meet once a month to share stories and talk about life since they have built trust with one another is allows barriers to come down. One of the men has shown an interest in knowing more about our faith and since the barrier that separates us has been broken and now, we are free with each other.

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