Single Mothers Receiving Relief

Africa Inland Church (AIC) received funds from Partners International that enabled us to purchase some relief items and distribute them to a group of widows, elderly women, and men, and vulnerable persons who live around the church compound.

This distribution supported 153 individual beneficiaries. Some received a ration of maize flour, cooking oil, and laundry soap bars while others received rice and second-hand clothes donated by church members.

Economic Relief

Many of the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and gave joyful statements for the church. Here are some of their responses:

Jean is Now Sure Her Children Will be Fed

Jean* is a widow. Her husband was a soldier, killed on the front lines five years ago. When she was called to collect the relief, she jumped for joy. She carried her one-year-old daughter to the collection point and secured the ratio of maize along with other items.

She joyfully gave thanks to the distributing staff saying, “I am now sure my children will have their stomachs fed in the next two weeks. Even if this food finishes, God will not let us die with hunger. He (God) will still touch other people to give us food again. Thank you, church.

Fozia is Thankful for the Blessing

Fozia* is a widow struggling to get meals for her five children each day. She narrated with pains that her husband disappeared from the house one evening two years ago while he went to buy something from the shop, but two weeks later, his decayed corpse was found lying in open suburb ground. She does not understand why her husband had been targeted: “He was not a politician nor a soldier; he was just an ordinary citizen who never made problems for anyone.”

For the last two years, the family has had a complicated life. Her children dropped out of school because she couldn’t afford to pay their fees. Fozia said they occasionally miss meals for a few days in a row. She is thankful to the church, and the food ratio donated by people overseas. She burst with joy, calling for God’s blessing upon those who blessed her family.

Single Mother Rose Struggles to Feed Seven Children 

Rose* got divorced seven years ago. She is a mother of six children, and she takes cares for all her children. She explained how her children’s dad is irresponsible.

“He did not support us at all, even when children became sick, and never paid school fees, so 4 of the children are not in school. Life has become so difficult for me in this current unbearable economic situation in the country. My efforts to work do not bring enough money. I do not want to live and see my children suffering the way it is now with them. I need help from the church because God is in the church.” 

She received 10kg of maize flour, 1-liter cooking oil, rice, 1 bar of laundry soap, and a 500g salt sachet. Because of her large family, she also received clothes.

*Names changed for security.

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