She Saw a Shining Man

We find comfort knowing the Lord is in control of the current situation in Algeria. Day after day, authorities close churches in Algeria and intimidate Christians by forbidding them to talk about their faith. They do not allow us to acquire premises for ecclesiastical use, making the current situation very unstable. The Churches and we continue to pray for the country and the protection of Christians.ABLE Fall 2019We continue to work in the work of our Lord and share with them a beautiful testimony:

Basira* is a 52-year-old woman that comes from a family of marabouts (Muslim religious tribes). She has lived her life as a Muslim woman and a competent practitioner. But for several years she was having a recurring dream that she did not understand.


In this dream, she saw a shining man coming down from heaven and asked him to come to her. In 2016, she began watching our television programs regularly. Then she had a slightly different dream, in which she finds herself trapped in a dark room desperately calling for help. Suddenly a pleasant aroma filled the air and a man glowing with light appeared. When the man spoke he said, “Fear not, I am Jesus and I come from heaven to your aid. You are mine.”


After this dream, Basira accepted Jesus as the Savior and Lord of her life. Despite the pain of her family’s denial, Basira stood firm in her faith in Christ and never stopped asking him to use her for the glory of His Name. After speaking with her husband and three children, they also welcomed the good news.


Please continue to pray for the situation of several churches in different parts of Algeria that have been closed by the Algerian authorities for no good reason.


Pray for the new believers in Jesus, that they will stand firm that the Bible and fellowship with the brethren will be a strength for those added to the faith.


You can help support ministry workers around the world as they continue to share the Gospel despite persecution.



*Name changed for security

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