Sharing the Gospel with the Unreached

What it Takes to Share the Gospel with an Unreached People Group

Akul* works with our Ministry Partner, Shepherd’s Call, in a Central Asian country. Akul’s greatest passion is to share the Gospel with the Alma* people, an unreached people group the Holy Spirit has divinely placed on Akul’s heart. Akul is so devoted to ministering to the Alma that he moved his entire family into their village to live alongside them.

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Akul wanted to become a part of the community—not just an outsider with foreign ideas. In order to cultivate genuine relationships with the Alma, his family decided to buy a cow and sell milk to the villagers. Gradually, Akul and his family became integral members of the community. When you give to Partners International, you help ministry workers like Akul creatively join communities and share the Gospel with unreached people groups.

Milk Makes Ministry

In addition to selling milk, Akul often helps his neighbors during harvest time. “Many people in the village grow apples and blackberries. At harvest time, if they need help, I usually join them to collect the fruits, ” Akul explained. When Akul helps his neighbors with their crops, he builds their friendship and trust which gives him an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Alma Cow Project

Although the Alma are predominately Muslim, Akul was excited to share, “There is no big church there, but we have a couple of home groups that meet together. My family and one local Alma family run a home group where we come together for fellowship and prayer.”

The Future of the Alma People

Akul has been praying for God to reveal more opportunities for his family to serve the Alma people. He has also been praying for peace for the Alma, as they have been fighting with another people group for the past 135 years. One thing that attracts the Alma to Akul is his spirit of peace and kindness given to him by the Holy Spirit.

Unreached People Around the World

As we pray for the Alma people, let us also pray for the other unreached people groups our Ministry Partners are seeking out. Each of these Ministry Partners develops strategic plans to share the Gospel with these lost people.

Your gift today to Partners International will support all of our specific unreached people group projects and help ministry workers like Akul share the Gospel with those who have never heard. Whether it is through community projects, creative evangelism campaigns, training and educating local ministry workers, or creating Bible literature, your support helps our Ministry Partners put their plans to reach the unreached into action and sustain their ministry.

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