Sharing the Gospel Through Social Media

Daniel, a Christian leader among the Jula, an unreached people group, is sharing the gospel with people in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place, Daniel created a Facebook account to share the gospel with Muslims. Social media anonymity makes it possible for Muslims to engage with him and ask questions they are afraid to ask in other settings.

Local Leader West Africa

This social media outreach has had a positive influence on some of Daniel’s Muslim friends. Some of them who initially disliked the gospel’s content now post Christian messages and Bible verses on WhatsApp and Facebook. One of Daniel’s friends confided in him that he has been scared that Daniel’s posts on Facebook would eventually undermine his own belief in Islam. Daniel is now sharing more about Jesus with him.

Daniel uses the radio to preach the gospel of Jesus and one day a man name Musof was listening. He would call Daniel as soon as he ended his preaching session to ask follow-up questions.

After Daniel had to stop his radio program due to reasons outside of his control, he visited Musof at his home and shared the Word of God with him. One day after their Bible study, Musof was convicted by the Holy Spirit and placed his faith in Jesus. Daniel and Musof have continued meeting to discuss and learn more about Jesus.

Names changed for security reasons.

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