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The T* church building looks like any other in Northern Ghana – it was built with mud blocks, overlaid with cement, and roofed with zinc sheets.  Being at the mercy of the weather, successive rainy seasons have faded the original white painting of the building to bright brown.

When you put the external appearance aside, however, there’s something that makes this humble place very special. It is the people who fellowship within the walls of the church building. What is it about this church that makes the people so special? It is the way they are able to impact their community and others beyond them with Christ-centered music!

This church is known for producing lots of local songs. Despite the fact that they are using a modern keyboard in addition to their traditional instruments, their music faithfully reflects their culture. The lyrics, melody and rhythm of their songs are all local.

Mohamed* is a Muslim convert and the COF Missionary who oversees the church. As the main songwriter, Mohammed says this of the music ministry of the church:  “They are heard on the radio and they sing in the churches all over the country, even in the capital city”. If you ask me, bringing a unique cultural identity to the witness of the Gospel through indigenous music is extraordinary!

The T* church has birthed a daughter church (the Y* Church) and it is little wonder that this church, like its mother, is music oriented.

It’s a privilege to share with you a renowned song from the church

The song means: The Lord God has honored His Son by saving the world through Him.


*Names redacted for security reasons

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