Sharing the Good News

One of our areas is now classified the red zone as increasingly more people are testing positive for Covid-19. Humanly, we sometimes feel fear and anxiety. But we believe God protects and accompanies us perfectly. God is our strength, enabling us to carry out our service activities.


Like most ministries, ours has taken a hit due to the Coronavirus. Many people are afraid to leave their houses. Often when we visit our disciples whom we are training, they feel worried and anxious about having people come to their house.

Aside from that, we are also meeting fewer people on the streets. The places that are usually really crowded are now empty. The number of people who have heard the Good News has decreased this year. Often when we try to share with people they keep their distance from us.

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In the midst of these hardships, we are able to see which people seriously want to hear God’s Word and which don’t. Those who are serious will stay and listen to what we have to say. Those who aren’t will use social distancing as an excuse to turn us down when we want to share the Good News with them. 


Praise the Lord for bringing people to faith during this first semester. Amal and Saudi heard and responded to the Good News and were baptized as proof of their new faith. Amal is the wife of one of our disciples. 

We asked for prayer for her last update, and praise God, she was baptized. 

We are thankful that in the midst of the pandemic, people we are discipling continue to be faithful to the Lord. Their faith has not faded away. They have confidence that the Lord is with them, protects them, and sustains them.

During the pandemic we have given food packages to our disciples and house church leaders. They are so thankful for Jesus’ provision for them in this way. Thanks to these food packages, they are able to save money for their families.


To this day we have two active house churches. In June we planted a second house church in Amal and her husband’s home. This house church is led by the husband and is attended by his whole family and one of his neighbors who now believes. They meet together every Wednesday to worship and grow in God’s Word.

He shared that someone in his village was possessed by an evil spirit and would go into trances. He was brave enough to pray for this person in the name of Jesus, and after being prayed for, the person came out of the trance. This event strengthened him and his family’s faith in the power of Jesus.


  • Pray for the training of future house church leaders, so that the faith of our disciples will continue to grow and they can be used to glorify the Lord.
  • Pray so that we can continue to do ministry well in the midst of the pandemic and that we can plant another house church.

Names have been changed for security.

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