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April 2017 Update TRIP women meet and share about parables

Shortly after the beginning of this school year, a family education course was offered. I decided to attend in order to get to know the mothers of the children a little more. There I met three women G, N and F. They are not from my class, but we started to talk and became friends.

Soon after I met them, I began to pray specifically for opportunities to share the Word with them. I had the parable of the hidden treasure in my heart.

One day we went out to eat and I had the first opportunity to share. One of them asked me why I didn’t change my religion and I explained that the answer was clear, I found something very valuable in the Word of God and shared the parable that was in my heart. They asked a few questions and quickly changed the subject.

I continued to ask the Lord for another opportunity to share. Months went by, but one day we were having breakfast and F said, “Do you remember what you talked about a long time ago, the treasure? I remember that when I am sad. Could you tell me the story again?”

It was a surprise and an opportunity to speak to them about the Lord. F is very religious, studies the Koran and prays five times a day. There is a glimmer of hope and I know God is working in her heart. Please keep these women in your prayers.

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