Sharing the Gospel in the Face of the Sickle

Marwan* ministers in an area of West Java where many radical Muslims live. As a church planter, he has faced one challenge after another, but God has protected him through them all. The vision that God has put in his heart is that many will be saved through the preaching of the Good News. In his heart he doesn’t want the Good News to be only for himself, but he longs that many others will also experience salvation.


One day he visited a ‘saung’ which in Sundanese means a small home or hut. The family living there makes a living selling traditional Sundanese food. Marwan rested for a moment and bought some of their snacks. He noticed a man helping his wife make traditional Sundanese food.


Marwan introduced himself to the man and they visited. His name is Nanang*. After chatting for a bit, Marwan directed the conversation to the topic of man’s sin. Nanang listened attentively and responded well, which encouraged Marwan to continue sharing the Gospel. He talked about who Jesus is and why He came to earth.


In the end, Nanang said he wanted to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. However, when Marwan led him in a prayer, Nanang would not repeat anything after him. So Marwan asked Nanang if he wanted to believe and be baptized. Nanang said he did. They set the baptism for the next day since neither of them had a change of clothing.


The next day, Marwan invited his teammate Hasan to join him and they headed to Nanang’s house which was near a rice field. They found Nanang sitting in front of his house. Marwan talked about the Good News, but Nanang did not respond. He just looked down at the sickle in his hand. His face didn’t show any enthusiasm as Marwan talked.


Hasan noticed it too and he had a bad feeling in his heart. It was clear that Nanang was not happy they had come, especially that they were talking about the Good News. Nanang kept passing the sickle from one hand to the other, as if he was thinking about using it on them! Quickly Hasan changed the conversation to planting seeds! Nanang slowly looked up at Hasan. Hasan saw the man’s countenance relax as he joined in the conversation. Thank you Lord!


Marwan and Hasan often face intimidation and rejection while sharing the Good News. But it doesn’t dim their passion to continue to play a part in the Great Commission. In the midst of rejection, either verbally or by people’s attitude, they still keep sharing the Good News until the Lord’s Name is glorified on this earth.


Prayer points:

  1. Pray that Nanang’s heart may be softened so that he is willing to believe and be baptized.
  2. Pray that Marwan’s clients will multiply and he can start a house fellowship in his home.
  3. Pray for the Isaiah team’s ministry, so that through them many will hear and receive the Gospel.
  4. Pray for the health of the team and their families.

*names changed for security reasons.

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  1. Christina Katharina

    I pray that God sends more intercessors and missionaries to West Java, to serve the Sundanese Muslims Indonesia, that they will open their hearts to receive Jesus as their God and Savior. Amen.


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