Share His Shalom Through Free Medical Service

Medical Ministry Turning Hearts toward God

The Lord gave our team good rest and times with our families during our holiday. We came to our work with new ideas, strength, and good health. And we pray the same for you, our dear supporters.

Recently one of our team members left to attend Bible school in a neighboring country for two years. We are so glad he has this opportunity to deepen his knowledge and walk in the Word. And the Lord recently gave us two new team members. One is a married woman with three children. Her husband is a leader in our church and a car mechanic. The other woman is a highly educated social worker. Both of our new team members served with us in our village medical clinic as translators for the doctors. 

Medical Caravan: Just one Aspect of our Ministry

Thanks to the Lord, our Medical Caravan was successful. We held clinics for four days in three villages with good help from medical missionaries from other countries and some from our area. Clinic members included 3 Family Doctors, one pediatrician, one gynecologist, two optometrists, one counselor, one nurse, two volunteers for children, five local people doing registration and vital signs, and nine translators.

The clinics were planned out with village leaders well ahead of time; therefore, we faced no obstacles to the running of the clinic as the village leaders used good time management and organized well. Leaders of the villages provided lunch with the help of the villagers. 

KGIC Sept Oct 2019 update

The goal of our Medical Caravan is to share His Shalom through the free medical service. 

Every day before starting the clinic, we all met to pray for that place, people’s hearts, treatments, and for the people to see His love, light, and care.

For four days, the Medical Caravan ministered to the hurts of villagers showing His love and treating the problems. People shared their health and life problems. Doctors helped with health and listened carefully to their life problems. Often local people needed someone to listen without judging or telling advice.

Many people need healing inside. Psychological counseling helped patients to solve their problems themselves. Thanks to Lord, they went out from the room with bright eyes, hope in the future, and determined to make the right decisions. God works in their mind and heart after counseling. 

The team asked people if we could pray for them, and none rejected this offer. In total, we treated 572 people in the three villages.

The Optometrists checked their eyes carefully and gave fee glasses for reading and sight. 

Our children’s team spent time with the children, face painting, coloring, showing how to care for their teeth, and telling stories from the Bible. It was a fun time for the children.

People were very thankful for free medication and careful care of their health. Hearts were softened to God’s love.


  • One woman came to our pediatrician and, through tears, told about her 3-year-old disabled grandchild. When he was born, his mother rejected him and went away. Grandma cares for him by herself. She said it is too hard for her. She worries about his future, how he can go to school, or live in society. The doctor listened to her attentively. He assured her that her grandson could live in society well if she teaches him to do everything himself. He talked about disabilities extensively and gave his advice. The woman saw how kind and polite the doctor was when he checked out her grandson. Before she left, she told the doctor, “I’ve learned a lot about the disabled. You checked my grandson carefully and were very polite. Thank you very much for coming and seeing us. May God bless you!”
  • A lady came to me and asked how she could find Dr. K after a medical clinic. I said, maybe I can help you. What has happened? Why do you need to meet with Dr. K? She said, “I’ve never before met a doctor like Dr. K. I’m so thankful to him. By our culture, we show our respect through our hospitality, and I want to invite him to my place for tea time.”
  • Another woman told me about her fear of doctors. She said that many years ago she had been kidnapped and brought to this village. Over time, she gave birth to 5 children. Most of the children are grown up and have their own families. She seldom visited a doctor; she had feared from childhood. When she was young, she and her mother went to the dentist, and since then, she had not such a warm memory about doctors. When she entered our clinic room and saw a young doctor, she thought he is not experienced, and that’s why he came here to gain experience. But her mind changed as he examined her very carefully, explained all the problems, and shared the ways of prevention. It was so easy to talk with this doctor. She said there were something light and kind in him. She never wanted to finish her time.


You, Lord! Thank you for these people to whom you are showing your Light and Love!

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