A Shaman Comes to Faith: Cahaya Suku Update

Indonesian country

Outreach and women’s ministry

So far this year, we have shared the gospel with 3,234 people, and 420 of these people have come to Christ. We know that God is always working among us, and we praise the Lord that twenty-nine people have been baptized.

Our women’s ministry is also growing significantly. Currently, we have 112 women under the discipleship of Cahaya Suku. The women now have a Bible study group, a counseling group, a member-care program and various training opportunities. For example, this year, we had a leadership training for the women leaders, which was held in April and attended by nine women.
One of our significant needs, however, is a strong female leader, who will oversee the women’s ministry. We realize that many of our women lack leadership training, so it is our hope and prayer to help the women develop the skills necessary for leadership. To do so, the ministry needs a good team leader in each region Cahaya Suku works in.

Our “M” Branch

We are thankful to the Lord that, during the first half of 2015, 1,523 people in M heard the gospel. Of these, 262 chose to believe and left their former lives behind. The Lord has given us the joy of baptizing ten people, and we have been training twenty-one people to be local leaders and reach out to their people.

Baptizing of a new believerOne of our exciting stories is that of “Ma”. Ma was previously a shaman. People often came to Ma when they desired to have their lives changed. Using dark practices, Ma was capable of influencing one’s life for good or for bad. Finally, though, after meeting one of our church planters, Ma’s life was totally changed. His mind is now full of the Good News and the Word of God. People still come to see him, asking that he support them through the dark spirits, but Ma now shares how his life has forever changed because of meeting the Great Teacher, Jesus. He offers the Good News to those who come seeking black magic. Indeed, the people around him still know Ma as a powerful man, so they listen to all his words and believe what he says. Ma’s transformation has had a major impact on the community around him. We praise God for this miracle as we hear Ma say repeatedly, “I was evil and did evil things, but now my life is transformed. Isa Almasih has healed it.”

Thanks and prayer requests

We so appreciate that many people have such a concern for our ministry, and we realize that we are not working alone to spread the Good News among the Muslims in Indonesia. Therefore, we wish to express our deep appreciation to all of you–our partners who support us through prayer and financial resources. Thank you for continuing your involvement as we spread the Good News of Jesus.

Please pray for:

  • women leaders to be raised up for our women’s ministry.
  • the workers in the field to be refreshed and inspired instead of disheartened.
  • our church planters to receive help in learning the local languages where they are working.
  • the children being sponsored through our ministry–that they would excel and their parents would support them at home.

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