Sewing Centers Save Lives

Dariya Development has initiated the sewing center for a new group of women. They usually live in the tent colonies, tend to be beggars and many are involved in street prostitution. These are communities that have no opportunities in life to develop, especially for women living in there. They are a very vulnerable group.

There are seven sewing centers and they range anywhere from eight to twenty-five students per center. The main purpose of these sewing centers is to share the love of God with them and raise their awareness about health and hygiene practices. We have noticed that hygiene is very poor in these communities, as women have no awareness about health and hygiene. This means that they don’t know how to properly take care of themselves or children. When we have the opportunity to teach them good hygiene, it can break the cycle and the women can teach their children good hygiene and the communities will have better health as time goes on. We have also taught the women about malaria, scabies and how to properly wash their hands.

sewing center save lives

The second purpose is to build their capabilities, we do this by teaching the women sewing skills. This is valuable because they can use this skill to their personal benefit or use it to make money. We have planned to send these women to the garment factories for the job they will do the respectable work to earn for their families, which allows them to leave begging and prostitution. When given the opportunity we share stories out of the Bible with them.


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