Sewing Center Gives Women New Purpose

Sewing Center Gives Women New PurposeOur ministry has started seven sewing centers in remote villages, in which women will complete six months of training courses in sewing and hosiery goods. The main purpose of the sewing centers is to give village women opportunities that they would never have otherwise to earn money and help their families.

This is a testimony of a life transformed by one of our ministry’s sewing centers:

“I currently live with my mother, three sisters, and brother, as my father has passed away. Due to my family’s poor financial situation, I was unable to continue my education passed the tenth grade, and I had no skills that I could use to earn an income for my family. We were finding it very difficult to meet our daily family expenses, and because our village is far away from the city, it is hard to work there and make a profit, after accounting for the travel expenses to get there and back.

“There was no skill center in our village, until one day a team from Dariya Development came to us and held a women’s meeting. The ministry workers told us of their mission to help rural women like us develop useful skills for income generation, and after seeing our excitement, a sewing center was opened a short time later in our village.

“I was very happy that I was able to gain admission to this sewing center, Sewing Center Gives Women New Purposeas there are many poor families in our village and girls almost always stay at home to do housework. Many of these other women were admitted along with me, and now we are completing our sewing training together. When we are finished with the training, we will be able to use these skills earn money and help our families develop.

“The best aspect of our sewing center is that the Dariya team not only trains us, but also gives us weekly moral and health lessons to spread awareness. Another great part of the experience is that, after the training has been completed and skills mastered, they help the girls with job placement in the garment factories. Women are then able to earn money for their families.”

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