Serving In The Midst of Shutdown

One of our church planting teams reports how they are ministering amid the virus shutdown.


We give thanks to God who always provides health to the families and people we serve. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the area we live in is the red zone. Increasingly more people are testing positive for Coronavirus. Humanly, we sometimes feel fear and anxiety. But we believe God protects and accompanies us perfectly. God is our strength. So we are enabled to carry out our service activities.

House Church

We still carry out discipleship activities at home. The house church which was held at Bachir’s house was temporarily dismissed first. But Bachir is still being discipled until now. Sometimes we visit Bachir’s house and vice versa.

Muslim Background Believer Retreat

Last year Mr. Hadi and his wife Ms. Hadi attended our Muslim Background Believer (MBB) retreat. Ms. Hadi enjoyed singing hymns and learning about the Bible. She was also interested in seeing the lives and teachings of Christians, and learning how to build a good family. Also, about safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic… and being a Christian in a Muslim majority society.

Mr. Hadi really wanted his wife to be baptized. He wants his whole family to repent. God heard the longing of Mr. Hadi’s heart and in January, Mrs. Hadi was baptized. How we all thanked God.

Currently, Mr. Hadi is discipling his wife. When team member Pak Gad visited them, she was happy, her heart was calm, and she felt safe. But until now, she still has not dared to share the Gospel with her parents, especially her mother. Her extended family also lives there and the majority of them are Muslim. Please pray for God’s Spirit to work in their lives.

Mr. Hadi desires to make a house church in his home. Pray that this yearning can occur this year… starting with a husband and wife who agree that hopefully this extended family can also be won. We are proud to see this family and their loyalty to God, proven by their obedience to wanting to learn and be developed.


In February one person was baptized by Ameen, namely Yasir. When we were discipling Yasir, we challenged him to be baptized. He was still thinking. Then Mr. Gad suggested to Ameed to disciple Yasir and challenge him to be baptized. Finally, Yasir wanted to be baptized. He is 19 years old and single. Pray for his growth in the Lord!

IOSC May June 2020 update

Coaching Continues On

For the time being, we cannot go away because of a government lockdown. But we still carry out coaching activities. Once a week, children in our Rainbow Club for elementary children come to our house for coaching. Also, our students continue to do coaching in our home. Of course, not too many people come because we believe it would lead to suspicion from local residents.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Mr. Hadi’s family to be used by God and that he can establish a house church in his village.
  • Pray for team outreaches to be used mightily and for God to pave the way in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Pray for those who are being discipled; namely, Hadi, Yasir, Malik, so that God can use them to reach their area.

All names have been changed for security.

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