Selling Vegetables and Sharing the Gospel

Berty* is a traveling vegetable salesman. Last month he was going around selling as he usually does, but this time he added something new. He was also sharing the Gospel while he was doing the selling, as he had been taught in the Lay Training classes. He now understands that sharing the Gospel is a task for any believer at any time and any place.

IOIC March & April 2019

One of the people who stopped to look at his vegetables was a woman named Amirah*. They chatted with each other the way people do on the street, shooting the breeze. Amirah began sharing more personal information, she and her two siblings were in the middle of an inheritance dispute over a house. Berty sensed the Holy Spirit prompting him to share the Gospel. He began sharing about an eternal home in heaven, which Jesus has prepared for His followers.

Her curiosity was peaked, “Jesus? Who is he?” she asked.

Berty shared more with Amirah about Jesus. This wasn’t enough for her; she then took out her cell phone and googled Jesus. It took her to an apologetics website called “Jesus and Islam.” Berty and the woman began reading through the material on the site. It didn’t take long for the women to understand and believe that Jesus is Savior and Lord! He is more than a prophet and greater than Mohammad who while only a man is worshiped by Muslims.

In short, Berty found a person of peace while selling vegetables. Please pray for Amirah will meet again and start her discipleship group study.

*Names have been changed for security.

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