Seed Bank Saves Lives

After the situation from COVID-19 subsided in Cambodia, the Seed Bank project moved forward among the farmers. Between August and September, the project provided technical trainings to 22 farmers (14 female). Two weeks after the training, 12 families requested seed loans. We were glad to be able to support the farmers. Those supported by this project have an improved quality of life.

Here is a story of a woman who benefitted from the Seed Bank project. Som Ang and her husband have four children.

“Before participating in the Seed Bank training at Fountain of Hope, I used to farm just as my parents had done. I did not know how to choose the best seeds or how to properly sow them. I did not know how to save money when purchasing seeds or how to store them properly. I also did not know how to properly use organic and chemical fertilizers or how to save a portion of the rice harvest for the next planting.

“After participating in Fountain of Hope’s technical training led by an expert from the Department of Agriculture, I learned how to choose proper seeds and use fertilizers based on the seeds’ growth cycle and stages. I also appreciate the knowledge on how to obtain a greater harvest from the seeds, and especially, knowing how to keep the good seeds and prepare them for next planting.

“I am very happy to be a part of the Seed Bank group. Fountain of Hope loaned me seeds to use for planting. These actions helped improve my family’s livelihood. Right now, my rice fields are flourishing with healthy crops. I am so glad that I know about the growth stages of the rice and know how to properly use the fertilizer, so that the rice can grow well.

“I would like to thank the Fountain of Hope Seed Bank committee and Partners International for the seeds loan and the training on their usage and planting. It was an incredible honor to receive instructions from the ministers from the Department of Agriculture as well. I am committed to use all that I know to grow my fields and return what I owe to the Seed Bank committee. The seeds loan has truly saved my family’s livelihood. I will continue to do well and help others in need. I often relate all that I’ve learned and practiced to my husband as well, so that he can improve in his skills and ways of farming.”

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