Secret Viewers Come Forth

Our Cultural Arts Center creates, records, and performs Sundanese art forms (music, drama, dance, and comedy), all with the goal of contextualized evangelism and worship. Current programs include evangelistic television programs, Christian music, drama, live evangelistic performances, and training in simple contextualized worship for house churches.


Casper, a 52-year-old from the eastern part of our state, has watched our Christian television program several times but was afraid to contact us. Recently, out of curiosity, he found the courage to send us a text message. He was surprised that a Christian television program was entirely in the language of Sundanese Muslims. He shared how much he likes our program. He was brave enough to send us his address when we asked. We are building trust and relationship with him. Please pray for Casper.


Richard lives in the capital city. He has also been watching our Christian program, though he must do it secretly. He contacted us and also shared his surprise to see a Christian television program using the Sunda language. Richard said he receives lots of inspiration from our TV programs, but he struggles with sickness. Pray that he will find the courage to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior.


We thank God for the new levels of interest in Christianity our multi-media programs have sparked among the Sundanese.

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