Second-Time Refugees Flee their Home

Refugee Camp 5

Hostilities have picked up again in our neighbor country, the Central African Republic, between their government and rebel groups operating in their borders. The conflict has caused over one thousand people to be displaced to the borders with Chad and Cameroon, among whom women and children make up a majority. Our ministry’s leadership team recently went to the border where this was occurring to see what we could do for these refugees.

A pastor that was among the displaced shared with us: “In the middle of the night, while we were all sleeping, the rebels entered out village. They asked us all to come outside and line up, separated by gender. They then started shooting the men, and we scattered to save our lives. We ran away as fast as we could, and eventually succeeded in crossing the border to Chad with our wives and children.

“Over fifty villages have been emptied in a similar way, as the rebels burned our houses and killed our domestic animals. They took our flocks and herds for themselves. After crossing the border I succeeded in reaching the Kawkikete director by phone, and he immediately came to the border, along with other pastors connected with the ministry. They brought us food and supplies, and they prayed with us. We thank them, and their ministry, for their spiritual, material, and moral support.”

We also spoke to this pastor’s wife, who told us: “The sudden rise in hostilities in our country took us by surprise. We were already refugees once, and we only returned home to our home country after the government assured us that the conflict had been settled. Now, here we are again, fleeing the bullets of rebels that have risen up once more. The Central African Republic is our native country, and we would like to return again in peace someday. Please pray for us and remember us in this time of need, and may God bless you.”

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