Sara’s Story


With one in four people in the West Bank now living below the poverty line, the work of our relief team is more important than ever. The distribution of food boxes and basic necessities gives us the chance to be Jesus’ hands and feet by going to serve those who are in the most need. We keep in contact with many families, and we are always blessed by being invited into their homes to spend time with them. We also get to hear their stories when we deliver aid to them. The relief team regularly encounters people with heart-breaking stories to tell. We take time to minister to each person, pray for them, and share Christ’s love with them.

The team was blessed recently by meeting an older lady named Sara*, who has special needs. Due to her disabilities, her family does not care for her. After her mother died, she was forced to move alone into a small, isolated cottage on a mountain. When she goes into town people jeer at her and throw things at her. Nobody has a good word to say about her and nobody shows her any compassion. Our team visited Sara in her home and brought a food box. She showed us how she knits beautiful, intricate clothes to generate some income for herself. She truly has a gift for this art. The team was privileged to hear her story and to minister to her. They shared Christ’s love and told her how she has worth in His eyes. The visit greatly uplifted her and they saw joy on her face. The relief team will keep in contact with her. Please keep Sara in your prayers.

We met many others facing difficult situations. Among these there was 19 woman abandoned by her husband, a young father undergoing kidney dialysis, and a woman struggling to care for two adult children with special needs. We pray that they encountered Christ through our visit and were blessed. Unfortunately, the need for food and basic necessities continues to grow.

Praise God for the relief team as they distribute food parcels to an increasing number of people.

Pray for opportunities to develop relationships and pray with the families.


*name changed for security reasons


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