Rural Children and Seniors

Summer campThis village is located in the middle part of this country. It’s a mountain area, full of natural gifts like wild vegetables, bamboo shoots, etc. People plant corn and sweet potato.

Though the environment is good enough for living, most of the young adults and middle-aged people are not at home. They went to cities to make more money. They are what we called migrant workers/labor workers. Their education level is not high. Generally, they finished 9th Grade. Some of them finished high school. When they arrive at cities; they take jobs like delivering mail packages, washing dishes in restaurants, working in construction field, working in factories, serving at hotels, cleaning jobs, etc. A lot of them go back home once a year during Chinese New Year time, some even every two or three years. In the process of urbanization, their hard work contributes much, but can also cause other problems.

Their children become left-behind children. Their parents become left behind seniors. The children are living with their left behind seniors or other relatives. As the children and seniors are not culturally motivated to express love to each other, they are very lonely and fragile. A lot of them suffer from mental problems and personality crisis. Children and seniors are not taken care of well physically, either.

The local churches are influenced too. The number of young adults and middle-aged people is decreasing every year. But when God opened the eyes of church believers, they saw the need in the community. They started organizing children and seniors, teaching them how to protect themselves, improve their physical life and relationship with other people around.

Grand parents in parenting f a summer camp

In a summer camp in July, most of the children who attended were left behind children. A lot of them are from divorced families. There was a parenting session designed for children’s parents. But sadly, it turned out that all the attendees were grandparents. These seniors are the ones who educate these rural children. But actually, they can only feed the children and give them some very basic care. In the camp, through dance, games and other activities, the children learned to share, to love and to be grateful.

Please remember these people in your prayers. May their lives be transformed with the Good News in every aspect of their life.

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