Roshan Life Changes Lives of Teachers and Students

We started our school year in the Spring, and and since then Roshan Life has gone through several changes. Our administration is made up of four departments on the school level (Math, English, Ethics, and Urdu). Each department is has a supervisor who is responsible for helping teachers write lesson plans, create syllabi, plan class activities, and effectively manage their classrooms.

In June, the school hired several more professional teachers in an effort to help improve the student life as a whole. The girls’ sports teacher says: “Before I was married I was an athlete, and I wanted to develop the competitive spirit in other girls that I had during that time in my life. After getting married, I got busy with family and my priorities changed. Now, though, I am happy that I have this opportunity to use that time in my life to teach the next generation, especially now that I have seen the potential that the girls at here have. I coach them to follow the rules of the games, and to be fair and honest competitors.”

Another teacher was hired to teach cultural studies to upper students in the upper grade levels. “The school is incredible, both inside and out. It provides a professional learning environment for all of its students. I have never seen an environment like this one in any other institution I have been a part of.”

The biology teacher says, “I am excited to be teaching here. I have especially loved seeing the spirit of cooperation among the teachers and students. It is very refreshing!”

It’s not just the teachers that love the school. The students do as well.

On the last day of classes, the school held a farewell party for those students that were finishing high school. This was a special day for the school, as these students had started there as very young children, and had made it all the way through. All of the students dressed up for the occasion, and during the party several of them were invited up the stage to share their experiences about their experience at the Academy.

One girl said: “When I was admitted into the school, I was not able to introduce myself in English, let alone speak fluently. My teachers worked hard with me to get me to where I am now, and this place now feels like my second home. It has changed my way of thinking and boosted my confidence. I am really going to miss it here.”

Another student said: “I spent thirteen years at this school, and during that time I have made so many great friends and memories. I wish that they would offer college classes so that I could spend more time here. I am never going to forget this place.”

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  1. Jane Craig

    This is so encouraging! I’d love to learn more about the school, its curriculum, etc. thank you


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