Robi Makes Peace with the Past

The members of A2-Bangkalan church planting team work together as they go to their mission field. The team looks for clients in places like downtown, the soccer stadium and fishermen villages. As they find a prospective client, the team doesn’t directly share the Good News but makes friendship first. After the initial chit-chat and if the person is still interested, the team moves the conversation to spiritual matters.

The target of A2 Bangkalan team in evangelism is to find key people who would believe and be discipled and multiplied. After finding key people, then the next step is discipleship so these key people can share with their own families and friends.

Charles’ Testimony

The Lord is working in a place we didn’t expect. Robi is 43 years old and a fisherman from a nearby city. He has a bad past life. When he was 18, he searched for his fortune in Malaysia. In that country, he joined with a gangster burglar for eight years.

During those eight years, he used to wait in quiet streets and would force any motorbikes and cars that passed by to stop. Then he threatened to harm them if they didn’t give him money.

I met Robi when he was sitting on the seashore watching other fishermen sewing their fish nets. Because Robi was open to me, I shared with him and another fisherman who was there. Robi responded to my Good News. He said,

“Forgiveness from the sin only can be done through repenting, do many good deeds, and diligently attend religious meetings.”

Robi had heard about Isa Al Masih through the sharing of a pastor from his city. But the explanation from that pastor was not detailed. Therefore Robi still didn’t understand completely. I shared with him about Isa Al Masih and His work on the cross to save humans from sin. After that, I asked,

“Will you believe in Isa Al Masih who can clean you from sin, so you can be saved and go to heaven?”

At that moment, Robi couldn’t give an answer but still wanted to learn more about Isa Al Masih.

I tried to follow up with Robi and God gave us an opportunity to meet again. I started our second meeting asking how he was doing, his family condition and job progress. Robi still showed good response like our first meeting. I continued sharing and that time I emphazised redemption through Isa Al Masih. The Holy Spirit was working remarkably and Robi finally believed and accepted Him as his Savior and Lord.

I guided him to pray and confess that he receive Isa Al Masih as Savior. After we prayed, surprisingly Robi asked me to teach him a prayer that he would recite every time before he goes to work. I happily taught him to pray.

Next I told him the story of the Ethopian eunuch. I explained that every person who would follow Isa Al Masih must be baptized as a sign of conversion and becoming a follower of Isa Al Masih. At that moment I only explained about the meaning of baptism, but I didn’t feel it was time to ask him to decide about baptism.

Please Pray:

  • Pray that I can meet Robi again that his faith will grow and he would receive baptism.
  • Pray for those who reject as well as those who are open to God, that God would soften their hearts and they will believe in Isa Al Masih.
  • Pray for our difficulties in following up those who are already evangelized.

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