The Road Less Traveled…

From a church planter with Northern Sumatra Mission

God leads me to meet people who are ready to hear the Gospel and believe in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. One morning before leaving home, I sat down and prayed that God would lead me and show me which road to take, and to bring me to people who were open to listen to the Gospel.


After praying, I felt directed by God to pass through a place I had never gone before. My heart was full of joy as I rode my motorbike down that road. It was very quiet. There were no villages, just trees and bushes. But, confident that I would meet with local people of God’s choosing, I continued down the road.


Before long, I saw a man ahead working on the road. In my heart I wondered if he was the one God had prepared to hear the Gospel. I stopped and approached him. I introduced myself and he said his name was Fendy and he was 39 years old. Brother Fendy informed me that the road ended in a public cemetery and there were no people living in that area. He said that his mates should have been working on the road with him but they had not turned up. I became increasingly convinced that this was the one whom God had prepared to hear the Gospel.


Before long, I directed our conversation to spiritual matters and sin and judgment. I shared about Jesus Christ who died and rose to redeem people from sin. Brother Fendy listened very seriously. When I was finished, I challenged him to believe and he did! I led him in a prayer confessing his sins and asking Jesus Christ to be his Savior and Lord.


Next, I explained what baptism is about and its importance. He understood and was ready to be baptized. I asked him where the nearest water was. He took me to a river nearby and, after preparation, I baptized brother Fendy in the river.


Soon after, Fendy returned to his roadwork and I went on my way, rejoicing at how the Lord had directed our lives that day. I know the angels in heaven were rejoicing, too!

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  1. Lorri

    Praise God! Thank you for sharing the Gospel!


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