Rice Seeds Produce More Than Just Rice

Yut is 35 years old; she lives in Pursat province with her husband and three children. Her two sons and daughter farm with her since their family has low income.
Growing up, Yut’s family were farmers, passed down from one generation to the next. She only completed the first few years of elementary school before she quit to support her family with the workload.

CBFH Jul Aug 2019
After getting married, she and her husband migrated to Thailand where they worked for two years. When she got pregnant, they moved back to Cambodia and went back to farming because that’s what she knew how to do.

In Yut’s village, a group hosted by Ministry Partner Fountain of Hope has a Seed Bank project. Not long after hearing about it, Yut became a member of the Seed Bank project. As a group, they work together and share their experiences as farmers. Yut and the group were trained on ‘How to Effectively Plant Rice Seeds,’ and given tips to maintain the seeds. Fountain of Hope’s group then allowed the participants to take seeds which they would later repay. Yut took 100 kilograms of seeds to sow in her acre of land.

CBFH Jul Aug 2019
I am thrilled to be a part of the Seed Bank project. Not only do I receive all these good things, but I also get to hear about the good news. I see the goodness of God, but I haven’t made a decision yet. However, I am glad to participate in Christmas and Easter events. I like attending the meetings that Fountain of Hope staff host.”

Through the work here, God is exalted. We pray that God will miraculously work in Yut’s heart. Please pray for Yut. Pray for her salvation. We know that God has a higher plan for her and her family. May her good actions and results be an inspiration to her friends and neighbors as they practice all these good things in their community.

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