Rice Knowledge and Pregnant Cows Empower Villagers

Seed Bank Benefits Cell Church and Our Strong Villiage Groups

Through the Fountain of Hope with the support from Partners International, the Seed Bank Project has provided technical training and seeds to the poor farmers. Through this project, poverty is alleviated among the Our Stong Village groups. Among those 20 families are coming from three villages in the Tbong Khmum and Pursat province. They have access to 1620 kilograms of rice seeds to plant in their fields.

From doing traditional rice planting to a technical rice planting, the people began to conserve time and ability to produce rice at a quicker pace. They were able to save both time and money while producing significantly more rice than their previous productions.

CBCF june 2019 rice

Those who received the technical training are very thankful for the knowledge that they obtained; because they’re better equipped. They have learned new techniques and instructions to produce rice more effectively and efficiently. They know to use the proper amount of fertilizers and understand the conditions of their rice fields. As well as have learned to conserve portions of the field to keep for next year’s planting and know to use edible seeds which are not from mixed seeds as they used to.

We rejoice that since the last 6 months Seed Bank project continues to provide all the families in the Our Strong Village groups and beyond. The group’s committees continue sharing their stories of success and introduce others to a better way of farming. It is truly a joy to witness the incredible work that the people are achieving.

We truly appreciate the contributions of those who have been apart of the recent harvests. Many farmers have learned great lessons and have improved their lives. Since Our Strong Village groups are Christians, the love of God has shined among many other villagers, who have yet to experience God personally.

May the Lord bless the actions of their hands, and may they become witnesses of God’s goodness in their land. May the people experience God in many powerful ways.

Cow Bank Benefits Widows

Due to dysfunctional marriage and health problems, many widows in Cambodia go through separation and loss. They don’t know what to do in their community, so many go oversea to find work while leaving their children with their relatives. Thailand and Malaysia are two common countries where they would seek employment. Some work overseas, away from their families for 5 to 10 year, which causes many problems to both the widows and their children. Children are often at risk when their parents are not around them.

CBCF June 2019 cow

Through the support from Partners International, Fountain of Hope can set up a Cow Bank project to support the needs of poor widows in the community, where FOH is operating. Through policy, committee, and assessments, the project was able to function effectively in those communities.

All of the widows are either farmers or freelance laborers. After proper training from the project, 11 families from various villages were able to receive a pregnant cow to take care of. Out of the 11 cows, 6 of them gave birth to calves, and 5 cows are still pregnant. Once a family has the calf, they can either keep raising the cow for breeding or sell them to support their family’s needs. Through the Cow Bank project, we are able to witness God’s goodness for the widows, and they can stay close to their family.

Beyond having a cow to take care of, the project also provides a community for the widows. The widows have people to come alongside them in times of needs. The Gospel is also shared among the widows. We praise God that through the program, some have committed to follow God. Please continue to pray over each one of them. May the Lord bless their works and bring them out of hardship. May the Lord bless their relationship with their family and community. Pray for salvation for those who have yet to find God and have a personal relationship with Him.


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