Rhythm of Life Equips Communities

 about oasis

Oasis is designed to equip the community and help them work towards development and collaboration. Community members are provided training and education in life skills, self-care, sex trafficking awareness, health awareness, employment readiness, sports, and other issues.

We have come up with a strategy to support the community, we call this Rhythm of Life. It is a personal development tool which depicts areas of life in the form of symbols. Individuals are encouraged to reflect in the context of these symbols with the help of a facilitator.

About 25 to 30 people from this project attend Rhythm of Life sessions regularly. Our goal is to lead these sessions in a way that the people who attend will have the perspective “my transformation for the transformation of others.” Our program encourages people to become change agents who will work together to change their community and ultimately create sustainability.

From the Rhythm of Life project, three change agents volunteered to teach women skills to help them generate an income for their families while working from home. This session was able to help these women understand the basics of business, how to run a small-scale business, and learn accounting. We know that this project and our sessions are helpful because we can see a change starting to happen and people thank us for our sessions. One of the women who participated told us “I wanted to start a small-scale business but there was no one to guide me. Thank you for organizing this session.”

As community members become more and more empowered, they are able to take ownership of bringing positive change to their communities. They will become independent and self-sufficient and will be able to step up and take charge of things. Allowing our team to step back and move to new communities and continue to spread empowerment throughout the city.

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