The seminar meant for the believers in some of the fields that MKM works in happened between the 7th and 8th of July 2016. It brought together 16 believers from several communities. In attendance were also four missionaries, five facilitators and two trainee missionaries.

The believers had a good time leading the missionaries and the facilitators in praise and worship songs in their local language at the same time sharing their walk with Christ, how they met Christ and how they have withstood difficult moments of persecution in their immediate environment.

From the testimonies it was evident how strong these believers are in their faith. Some have been tortured, thrown to be devoured by crocodiles, others almost burnt or slaughtered and in all these Christ has snatched them from the teeth of their captors and tormentors. Despite all these they remain strong in their faith and are taking it to the next level.

The cry of almost all of them is to see their people come to the knowledge of the Good News. Some have begun celebrating Christmas openly to show their neighbors that they believe in the salvation from God through His Son. One of them has been instrumental in translating the New Testament in a local tribal language and came bearing gifts to his fellow brothers and sisters during the conference. He distributed the New Testament Bible to those who understand the local tribal language and at some point one of the facilitators encouraged the reading of scriptures in the local language which was picked up on the last day of the seminar. Some of the topics in the seminar included the cross, the calling, daily devotion, reaching our families and assurance of salvation among others.

By the end of the seminar the mutual conviction of the facilitators and organizers was that time has come when the believers are trained to reach their own people because they are the most suited to do so. Tying in with the vision of MKM to see vibrant self-governing and self-propagating churches among the unreached peoples this is a huge step towards that direction. The time has come to start building capacity among the believers that have been harvested to send them out as workers in the harvest field. It is encouraging to see some of them already given to reaching out to their own people. Two are already pastoring small congregations mainly their families and we actually had one of the second generation of believers amongst them. That shows that they are dedicated to bring up their children in the way of Christ. There are an approximate 15 that could not attend the seminar from different regions.

As a way forward; we are looking into organizing more training sessions for the believers in the future. These will focus on discipleship and leadership development. Thank you for your generous support through prayer and giving. It makes this all possible.


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