Restoration in the Mountains

At the beginning of 2021, we baptized six people who had gone through our discipleship training and are growing in the Lord. At the end of March, we held a retreat for our members, for their spiritual restoration and renewal. A Tibetan Buddhist family attended the retreat and heard the Gospel. We pray they make the decision to follow Jesus in the near future.

SA NPRH Update April 2021 6 leadership training

We were so glad to be able to finally meet together for trainings. a few months ago, we held a discipleship training for 26 people. During the training we prayed for people, and we saw some of the sick healed and some spiritually restored. We also held leadership training for 27 leaders. It was so encouraging to meet and learn together, as well as share our struggles and future plans. Three native missionaries came down from the mountains for one of the trainings, and were excited to go back with books and other materials to continue literacy classes and sports ministry.

We had a lot of preparation for our New Year’s program at the beginning of March. I was heavily involved, guiding our sports team. I helped provide snacks for the teams during the game, which gave me an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. One of our field staff helped coach our team. We got second place.

During March, five of our staff hiked through the mountains for 15 days to visit villages and care for widows and children in our mission school. My daughter was one of the five leaders. They brought clothes and medicine to widows and orpans and held two Women’s Cycle of Life trainings. One of our staff members is a nurse and she was excited to use her training and skills in ministry. They organized a one-day camp for the children and teachers at the Top Himalayas school. The trip brought much joy to all and encouraged and strengthened the leaders as well.

SA NPRH Update April 2021 16 mission

I was sick from the end of January to March with COVID symptoms, but am feeling better now. My wife has the same symptoms now, but she is getting better day by day. The Lord has been very gracious to us; it could have been much worse. We thank you for your prayers.

We are so grateful to you for your prayers and partnership in the Gospel which have helped us to continue sharing the love of God here. You have been a great blessing to us. Please stay safe and take care! May God bless you!


  • Praise God we can meet again to restore our believers and leaders spiritually.
  • We praise God for for the six people who were baptized earlier this year.
  • Praise God for His provision and protection.
  • We always praise God for you and your investment in His kingdom.


  • Pray for the Lord’s provision for our church building and mission training center to be built. We are trusting God for $400,000.
  • Please pray for discipleship and leadership trainings that costs will be covered and many will be equipped for ministry.
  • Pray for our new converts who have been going through persecutions from their family and relatives, especially our college students and newly baptized members. Pray they stand firm in faith.

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