Resistance Breaking Down

Little by little we are finding the K people more open to the Good News. In 2017, 45 people heard the complete Gospel; 5 of them believed, and 7 of them are on the way to faith. Our Central Asian team is praying and working among them. God is working through His Holy Spirit to open hearts to the truth of life.

Many people are afraid, but when they see what God is doing, they cannot stand against and come to Him, overcoming their fears. Those who believed this year are becoming courageous. Now they’re not so concerned at what people will say about them. Some believers invite their relatives to their home and ask team members to come and share the Gospel with the whole family.

Our team uses Community Development to make inroads. We helped provide water for four families, piping clean water into the houses. After that the neighbors invited our team to all their family events. Our team bought two cows which also helped them to build a good relationship with K people. We helped some families who needed milk but could not afford it. We gave milk for free.

We praise God for your partnership that helps us be here caring for and ministering to the K people. The Angels are rejoicing over the five who have come to faith, and for those yet to come.


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