Rescuing and Adopting: Reaching Himalayas Center

In the last update received from our partner, Reaching Himalayas Center, our correspondent shared this personal story and powerful testimony:

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father!” We still have quakes almost every day between magnitudes four and five. This is considered normal these days, but in some areas, landslides have been making life in the Himalayas chaos…
On 12 July, we received a call from my province in the northeast of Nepal, which borders Tibet, and were asked to help rescue people from the landslides. On 13 July, another individual and I took an army helicopter to rescue our people. There was no proper place to land the helicopter, as the people were all in one place, which was surrounded by the landslides. Over 13 people died in the slides and 6-9 people were missing. In the end, we were able to rescue over 256 people from the midst of the landslides and a boy who was in the flow of the landslide.  The members of the army, who were with us in the helicopter were able to rescue the boy, who was in a very serious condition and about to die. We were asking the village people to find the boy’s relatives, but the villagers told us that “this boy has no relatives in this world because the landslide washed away 6-9 houses, including this boy’s parents and relatives.” Suddenly, I was in tears and decided in my mind that, if this boy survived, then I would be his father. Because of this decision, I had so much love toward this boy right at that time, and I asked the helicopter pilot to go back immediately to the district hospital. When the boy was in my lap, I saw several times how he struggled to breathe and almost died. I prayed and cried out to God silently for the boy’s healing. Finally, we reached the district hospital, but that hospital could not do anything and referred us to a bigger hospital. The same day, then, the boy was taken to a better hospital. By the grace of God, this boy is now getting better and he will soon be discharged. I believe that God has a special plan for this boy. I am going to take him into our home. Even though he lost his first family completely, he has a second family, which will care for him completely. This boy will have a great testimony of how God rescued him. Please pray for this boy’s complete healing, education and spiritual growth.Boy, orphaned by landslides in Nepal

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