Report on Flood Relief for South Asia

NPNC August 2019


Deadly monsoon floods and landslides took the lives of several hundred people in parts of Nepal, India, and Bangladesh in July, 2019.

As of August 1, 117 people were reported dead in Nepal alone, with the number rising. Many more were injured and others are still missing. Besides homes, bridges and roads were destroyed.

A local pastor took workers with NCFN to visit one affected village in southeastern Nepal. The flood covered the entire village, damaging houses, and property. “People don’t have a safe place to sleep, no food, and are at risk of many diseases. They desperately need safe shelter and food,” said the worker.

Partners International put an emergency request to supporters to help with flood relief and you responded generously.

Our Ministry Partner, NCFN, took a lead in the flood relief work. They sent two men to manage and distribute relief materials to the flood victims. The office of Municipality made up lists of most affected families of the village.

NCFN heartily acknowledges and gives a big thanks to Partners International for funds to purchase relief goods. NCFN purchased the materials from unaffected towns and cities.

The heavy rainfall made the rural roads impassable. It took time for the truck loaded with relief supplies to be pulled out of the mud.

Finally, the loaded truck reached the relief distribution venue (a local community building) three hours later than expected. People were still waiting for the relief materials. NCFN distributed the materials from the center with the help of local people and the church, and representatives from the local government.

We distributed sacks of rice, tarps, mosquito netting, buckets, mats, cooking oil, torchlight, and Beaten rice for 50 families. Beaten rice or “flattened rice” is made from rice flakes and is an easy-to-cook, light and nutritious snack. These materials will help the people survive. Tarps and mats helped parents protect their children from rain and to have sound sleep. The mosquito nets will help them not to be infected by infected insects.

A paralyzed man came into the center for relief materials. He is married with 3 children. He can’t go to work. His wife is looking after the family. This paralyzed man said, “After floodwater entered the village, we had a hard time. We couldn’t sleep well and had nothing eat. I am very happy to get these materials and would like to thank you for all.”

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