Relief Goods Bless Displaced South Sudanese

South Sudan Relief 1Thanks to generous gifts from many of you, more than 1,500 families affected by fighting in South Sudan received food aid through our partner ministry Africa Inland Church. Families were going to bed hungry because there was no food in the shops, or because the prices were inflated greatly, out of their ability to purchase.

Kiden, a 48-year-old woman, said the recent fighting in her area was the worst thing she’s ever experienced, causing great fear and insecurity in her and her family. “However, the church food relief has really helped us physically to turn off our worries about how to feed the family, and strengthened us spiritually which has helped to increase our resilience to the turmoil. I pray that when the situation normalizes, our childen can go back to school and one day become good leaders in our country.”

Another recipient of food relief, Betty Asha, is 28 years old and has seven family members in her home. She said her big problem was that they had no money to buy food. She made a type of stew which her family ate once a day. Sometimes they went to bed hungry. “With all that is happening, I still trust in God,” Betty said, “and I pray for better health, safety for my family and peace in our country. I pray too that the church can continue to help us through this hard time.”

Monica is a 46-year-old housewife and has 7 members living with her. “Everything that happened, the impact was negative,” said Monica. “We evacuated our home when the violence intensified and got shelter in Juba town at a school, along with nearly 4,000 other people. We were all squished into a small space. During the chaos, one of my sons got lost, but thank God, he found us late the next day. We had slept hungry for two days. The church food project really helped our family. I thank God that my life is spiritually changing, so whatever the situation, no matter the problems, God is there to help us. My prayer is for our children to have access to education and be good leaders in the future. I pray for peace to prevail in my country.”

South Sudan Relief 2

Names have been changes for security.


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  1. Markb

    Praying the church and so many who have been impacted and feel hopeless, wondering how to rebuild their lives. God give each wisdom, encouragement and grace to overcome!


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