Relief Distribution

In August 2019, Africa Inland Church (AIC) received funds from Partners International that enabled us to purchase some relief items and distributed them to a group of widows, elderly women, and men and vulnerable persons who live around church compound.

This distribution supported a total number of 153 individual beneficiaries. Some received a ration of maize flour, cooking oil, and laundry soap bars while others received rice donated and second-hand clothes donated by church members.

Many of the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and gave joyful statements for the church. Here are some of their responses:

Two Elderly Women at Distribution Center

SSAI Sept Oct 2019 relief distrabution two women


Anna* (83 years old) and her friend Odesiwa* (78 years old).  After the 2 elderly women received their food quota, they sat down waiting for their friends to walk back home with their food. They chatted in a soft elderly tone amidst low laughter. When asked how do they feel, both expressed gratitude to the church in Arabic saying:

“Rabona kwesi, huwo mabisibu ajuzini bitau mutu maa giyani. Nina makusutu maa kanisa asani akili dee. Kali Rabbona ebariku Kanisa”

Which means God is good; he will not leave his old people to die with hunger. We are happy with the church for the food!

Three Children Carry Relief Food to their Grandmother at Home

SSAI Sept Oct 2019 relief distrabution 3 children

Alex*, 12, and his two siblings are orphans. The three live with their grandmother. Their father died with hepatitis sickness. The mother got remarried to a man who does not want his stepchildren. So they moved to a far city, leaving her children behind under the care of grandmother. Alex received a bag of maize flour, cooking oil, salt, and a bar of soap. He carried the items to the grandmother, but she was not at home. Alex said she had gone to look for casual work (cleaning or wash clothes in homes) so she could buy them food. “Grandma will be extremely happy to see food in the house given by the church,” Alex said.

*Names changed for security.

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