Relief and Development

INCG-trucks filled with relief supplies for Tamil Nadu.

We helped about 1,000 people through crisis or relief response in 2015. It’s been a little over a year since the devastating earthquake in Nepal. We continued with our long-term development assistance in Nepal.

In addition, we carried out an emergency relief work to help the poor in O state get clothing this past winter as people battled freezing temperatures. Rev. B D, one of the ministry leaders associated with JVI, wrote us asking for help. Immediately we informed many churches and schools about the need and the response was amazing. We sent a truck load of clothing to O. Equally important is the need to give them hope by sharing about the love of Christ. The local ministry partner and one of our Master Trainers now have good access to the village. They were able to build up trust among the villages.


Learn more about this ministry here.

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