Relief and Development in the Wake of a Conflict

a lady receives her ration of beans

The support given by Partners for the victims of a conflict allowed us to support 50 vulnerable families with much needed amenities. These people received help at their hour of need. Two groups each having 40 members meaningfully engaged in productive farming and impacted with God’s kingdom values.

Church planters at the fishermen’s project in one area are in touch with 40 fishermen and are sharing the Gospel with them.

Some areas where we work were affected by drought last year. More and more people are moving closer to the boreholes we dug for access to clean water.

We are encouraged by the community farming project we have among a certain people group. The young men are thinking of helping another group in the area. It is in this field where we have believers still living in their context and being brave about their faith. Such people coming to faith also get to acquire skills to help them economically.


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