Released Prisoners Moved to Join or Start Ministries

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During Jamal’s 10 years in prison, our team took physical and spiritual care of him and of his mother who visited him from time to time. His mother stayed in the homes of team members when she came to visit her son. During his sentence, Jamal’s son died from an accident, which caused his wife to leave him.

One day before Jamal’s departure, at our good-bye gathering for him and four other ex-prisoners, Jamal thanked our prison team. “Now I am ready to go back home,” he said. “You were with me in the most difficult times. I would like to join a prison ministry at home and visit prisoners and take care of them just as you did to me.” Jamal needs prayer to keep him strong in the Word of God.


After Patty’s six-year stint in prison, she stayed about two months in our home waiting for the legal paperwork needed before her departure. During those two months the Lord used her to share her story with churches, where she thanked the people and expressed her regret on what she did. Patty said that she came without Jesus and now she goes back with Him.

God changed Patty’s life and she served Him in different ways in prison. She made use of her time in prison by learning the art of decorating and the English and Arabic languages. Patty left prison in a better state than she entered thanks to all the care she had. Now Patty is testifying what the Lord has done for her. She also teaches Arabic to foreigners in her city and wants to start a prison ministry. She needs special prayer since her son was only three when she left him.

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