Released from Prison, Reunited with Family

Released from Prison, Reunited with Family

The Middle East Prison Ministry Team was happy to find out about the release of Ms. S*, who was granted a shorter sentence of three years instead of six years for trafficking drugs into Jordan. We went to the Drug Control Department and temporarily took her under our custody until all of her papers were finalized between the Jordanian government and her the government of her home country. We have welcomed her into the home of our ministry’s founder, where she will reside with her family until she can travel back to her home country, where she will see her five and seven year old children again. We pray that she will be able to successfully start a new life, so that she will never have to go back to the wicked ways of the world for easy gain. Meanwhile, our team is also following up with the different parties to ensure that her papers come through in a timely manner.

August prison Visits:

During our visit to one of the Jordanian prisons, we met a sixty year old man who was arrested on his rented bus while transporting a few men who appeared to be wanted for drug dealing. The police patrol pursued the bus he was driving and arrested them. We followed up on his case with the concerned department and facilitated his release so that he could go back home and be reunited with his family.

*Name redacted for security reasons

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